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btw did I mention the friends cut?

My little brother was arrested today. I could attempt to make any number of jokes about jailbirds, drugs and teenage boys but I keep coming back to the fact that my little brother was arrested today. My little brother has an arrest record. He's going to have to go to court, and instead of just worrying about how to pay for UWF now my mom gets to worry about fines, court dates and probation.

This is insane.

I don't have time for RL!drama on top of random drama from my Flist, no matter how real it is to you guys. I love you all and wish you the best but I can be much of a friend right now.

aviolentwhisper, bloodyfire, ddraigcoch and ivysoul if she ever forgives me... you guys stay.
Tags: drama llama, family, livejournal
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